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The Art of Mark "M.A" Taylor


Mark "M.A" Taylor is a UK based digital artist living in Staffordshire. M.A has been using digital mediums to create art and graphic designs since the early 1980's using early micro computers such as the Commodore 64 through to modern day PCs and Macs. M.A produces much of his current work using various high end digital technologies, but also retreats into his studio to work on canvas with brushes and other mediums.

With many years of experience, M.A is an artist who is not only versatile, but he is an artist who is not afraid to experiment. His travels to over 38 countries between 2010 and 2016 have widened his appreciation for fine art and his latest works are not only visually stunning but also have a uniqueness bought about from his travels. His work has been sold all over the world.

Yet it is also his work helping, supporting, promoting, and offering advice to other local and independent artists from around the world that makes him even more unique. His blog showcases the work of other artists as well as providing useful tips and practical advice, and he is the founder of two very successful Facebook groups which continue to grow.

M.A specialises in abstract art and landscapes. He also specialises in producing art and aged documents for TV and film sets to be used as props, and he can produce work quickly when you need a specific piece on set. He is also a member of the Disney/ABC program with Fine Art America.

Marks works are also available in more than 150 of the largest art and framing retail locations in the U.S.A and Canada, such as The Framing and Art Centre, The Great Frame Up and Deck the Walls.

All of Mark's works come complete with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and his work is produced on the finest print stock available through Fine Art America and Pixels companies.

You can connect with M.A on Facebook at
Follow him on Twitter @beechhouseart
And read his blog at


Fields of Green by Mark Taylor


Tree Line by Mark Taylor


Walking Through Fields by Mark Taylor


Still Waters by Mark Taylor


Red by Mark Taylor



Looking Up by Mark Taylor


Liberty Sky by Mark Taylor


Flag by Mark Taylor


Sunflower Summer by Mark Taylor


Sunflower Summer Abstract by Mark Taylor


Stone Faced by Mark Taylor


Twist by Mark Taylor


Mountain by Mark Taylor


Digital Lines by Mark Taylor


LIGHT by Mark Taylor


Henge Under The Supermoon by Mark Taylor


Callanish Stones Under The Supermoon. by Mark Taylor


Sunset Shoreline by Mark Taylor


Look Into My Eyes Fresh Edition by Mark Taylor


Tigris by Mark Taylor


Whispering Shores by M.A by Mark Taylor


On Patrol by Mark Taylor


Love of Liberty Haiku Edition by Mark Taylor


Morning Mist by Mark Taylor


View from a New York Window by Mark Taylor


Oh Crop by M.A by Mark Taylor


Grey by M.A by Mark Taylor


Free Coffee Tomorrow by Mark Taylor


Blue Light by Mark Taylor


Linear Blue by Mark Taylor


The Circle Line by Mark Taylor


Christmas Ribbons by Mark Taylor


Migration in the Fall by Mark Taylor


Dark Henge by Mark Taylor


Sunset on the Henge by Mark Taylor


World of Colour on white by Mark Taylor


World in Colour on Vertical Waves by Mark Taylor


World in Colour Blue Seas by Mark Taylor


World in Colour calm sea's by Mark Taylor


World in Colour Foggy Oceans by Mark Taylor


World in Colour on Hazy Blue by Mark Taylor